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SIBIA BAGS , Behind Gausia Hotel, Dharavi Main Road, Nr.Mahim Station ,Mahim East, Mumbai - 400017, Maharashtra

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Back pack

Back pack
Back packs are one of our simplest products with a wide variety of different colors, sizes, cost and fabrics.....
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Duffle trolley bags

Duffle trolley bags
Duffle trolley bags are very much in trend .These bags are very suitable for official journey and air journey .
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Leather laptop bags

Leather laptop bags
We have an exclusive assortment of the laptop bags .These bags are suitable to keep office going things..
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Our company Sidrah sales is one of the best and known company of bag suppliers and manufacturers. We are one of the best and quality bag manufacturer in India, Mumbai. Our product quality is famous in all over the India for our work and honesty. Sidrah sales only and only focused to make their clientage or you can say to make strong and true relationship with their regular as well as new clients and customers. Our company , sidrah sales continuously engage in delivering not even best quality service but also delivering superb quality in service and product quality. We deliver the products on demand as well as in large quantity. We are entangle in this business from a long time and after hard work and extremely high product quality give us this position in the market. Actually we believe in making clientage not only in just making or increasing business. We  also work for making money but only in true terms, only by delivering best quality products anf on time delivery. We always try to give our hundred percent in our work and supply only high quality products. The main attractive point of our clientage is our reasonable and affordable prices of the bags and other products.

We supply exclusive range to every individual who is need of bags in different dimension. In today’s era, online marketing and shopping has become the part of everyone’s life. Maximum people of the era are willing to buy the goods without wasting their precious time. In this latest trend, it becomes the time saving process and delivers guaranteed quality products. Our vast collection of various bags, we have been serving the people belong to different class whether for personal or professional use. We have gained success to cater the requirements of every individual and thus, help to fulfill the requirements with customized facility. 

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